Visa Renewal Services to Cambodia & Laos

Update 1st November 2013, citizen from USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan can stay 30 days if enter via land border.

Daily Visa Run- Bangkok to Ban Laem, Cambodia, with Thai Visa Service. Our TAT License 11-06684. To activate another entry of your valid Multiple Entry Thai Visa OR to obtain a 30/15 day entry stamp (visa waiver) this trip is suitable. The fastest & most economical means of visa renewal is to exit Thailand by land and return. The Border is open 365 days per year. Enforced by Thai Immigration @ Ban Laem; Non-Immigrant Visa Type “B” with Work Permit and you resign before expiration or it expires, you must cancel the visa at Thai Immigration before you leave Thailand. You will not be able to leave without the cancellation stamp. 

  • Every Morning: meeting is 06:30 (morning) in the parking lot of Tesco/Lotus, next to BTS Station ON NUT, just besides the KFC. Bookings are not required, just come on time.
  • 06:45 (morning) is the latest departure for Ban Laem, a quiet border crossing to Cambodia, 320 km from Bangkok. One way is 4 hours,  one stop 15 minutes.
  • At the Border: all visa formalities/fees are handled by us. You can have Lunch in the Casino on your own account, the time at the Border should not exceed 60 minutes. Please double check the stamp from Thai Immigration before you board the van back to Bangkok.
  • We return to Bangkok, BTS ON NUT at 16:45.

THB 1,900.- for Westerner + Japanese.  THB 700.- for Filipino, Vietnamese, Laotian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean (no Cambodian Visa required). Ban Laem checkpoint does NOT support Cambodian E-Visa and currently not possible to obtain Visa on Arrival to enter Thailand via Ban Laem checkpoint. More details on Visa Rule Page. Thai Immigration not allow Korean nationals to enter Thailand via Ban Laem Checkpoint.

Joining Passengers, THB 500.-.  Citizen from 16 countries ( Africa, Middle East incl. Iran, Pakistan) are required to pay  THB 1,000.- extra for Cambodia Visa on Arrival and to reenter Thailand.

Requirement: Passport, 2 ID-photo (any size), validity 4 month (less than 3month add THB500.-, less than 1month add THB2,000.-) and 1 blank page marked “VISA”  for Cambodian Visa!

NB: Includes transportation, Visa processing fees, water en route.


Visa Application – Bangkok to Vientiane/Lao PDR.

To apply  Thai Tourist Visa OR Non Immigrant Visa (requirements on the visa rule page) our confirmed trips for April 2014: Wednesday 16th, Sunday 20th, Wednesday 23rd and Sunday 27th.

May 2014: Monday 5th, Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th, Sunday 18th, Wednesday 21th, Sunday 25th and Wednesday 28th.

June: Sunday 1st, Wednesday 4th, Sunday 8th, Wednesday 11th, Sunday 15th, Wednesday 18th, Sunday 22nd, Wednesday 25th and Sunday 29th.

July: Wednesday 2nd, Sunday 6th, Wednesday 9th, Monday 14th, Wednesday 16th, Sunday 20th, Wednesday 23rd, Sunday 27th and Wednesday 30th.

Holder of  temporary Passport can apply for a 30 day  Transit Visa only

Warning: DO NOT purchase, possess, consume any illegal drugs while in Thailand and Laos”,  furthermore The Royal Thai Embassy refuse Visa if you turn up drunk.

  • Meeting is 19.30 (evening) corner of parking lot Tesco ON NUT, next to the BTS Station ON NUT,  beneath the big  green Tesco Lotus Advertisement board.
  •  20:00 (evening) is the departure for Vientiane/Laos, one way 9 hours.
  • The Exit/Entry point of Thailand is Nong Khai, the border operate from 06:00 to 22:00. Enforced by Thai Immigration Nong Khai, Non-Immigrant Visa Type “B” with Work Permit and you resign before expiration date or it expires, you can cancel the visa at Nong Khai Immigration. Your company must issue a letter confirming the last day of your employment. The cancellation will be done at Thai Immigration Nong Khai Head Office, which is about 2km from the border away. Transfer of stamps from old to new Passport (need confirmation from your Embassy) is also done at the Head Office, which opens 8am only, but we shall arrange transport and assistance for you.
  • At Thai/Laotian Border and Royal Thai Embassy,  we assist with visa formalities, everyone  has to apply in person.  Upon completion we check into Nakhonesack Hotel III,(+856-21)265 133  with Swimming Pool and breakfast buffet will be provided. At 17:30  (evening) Dinner, buffet style.
  • Next day breakfast buffet and 12:30 (noon) check out, we’ll pick up Passport and head straight to Thailand, on the way back Dinner. We expect to arrive  Bangkok around midnight. If you have to sleep over,  nearby is the MADEE HOSTEL, Sukhumvit Soi 50, 02-7428066,

VIP VAN - 9+1 seat, THB 2,850.- include transfers, Single/Double Room, 3 buffet meals and 1 dinner.

Filipino: Group Van- 14+1 seat, THB 1,800.- include transfers, Shared Room, 4 meals.

Laos Arrival Visa, for  Visa and entry stamp pay  THB 1,550.-(Canadians THB 1,800.-).  Payment in USD is possible if we arrive early, in that case hand in the Laos Visa form by yourself, depending of Nationality you pay between USD30.-to42.-.  Exempted: Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, S’pore, Switzerland, Thailand and Vietnam.

Thai Visa Fees: THB 1,000.- Single Entry Tourist,  THB 2,000. - Double Entry Tourist and  Single Entry Non Immigration Visa. (Yearly Multiple Entry not available.) Exempted are:  S’pore, Malaysia and Korea.

DUTY FREE ALLOWANCE:  Per Person 200 Cigarettes and 1 Liter Alcoholic Beverage, heavy fines are imposed if caught and we can not help you pay the fine.

Note: Trips to Vientiane/Lao PDR. require Passport, 3 ID-photos white back ground, 3.5×4.5cm, 1 copy passport ID-page. Passport validityat least 6 month prior to the Visa application and has 2-3 blank visa pages reserved for VISA application!Citizens of a total of 29 countries, mostly Africans and from Middle East need to get the Laos Visa at the Laos Embassy in Bangkok prior to travel, include  Turkey.

  Double Entry Tourist Visa used correctly: Single Entry Tourist Visa allow a 60day stay, extendable for 30day at Thai Immigration, THB 1,900.-. A Double Entry Tourist Visa allow 2x 60days, each entry extendable by 30days.  After first 90days  are  up you join a Visa Run to activate the second 60days, extend  for 30days, so you can stay up to 180days. Tourist Visas from Laos are valid for 3 month from date of issue ( CROSSCHECK ENTER BEFORE date shown on the visa), means all entries must be used by this date latest. If  February/Overstay is involved  you  may have to leave Thailand before the first 60+30 ending, otherwise you lose the 2nd Entry.